Esther House

Esther House

Helping Hands is very proud to have opened Esther House, our first supported living accommodation. Esther House offers safe, trauma-informed living space for a maximum of seven women to call home.

The house is for women who are homeless or at risk of being made homeless, and who need some support in maintaining a tenancy to enable them to live independent lives. It provides a refuge for them to live free from the controlling forces that previously shackled them and prevented them fulfilling their potential.

In the peaceful, safe, supportive environment of Esther House, women have the space and freedom to recharge and rediscover their plans and ambitions. They can then work with Helping Hands and other agencies on how to fulfil these.

The opening of Esther House was the culmination of a very special vision of Helping Hands’ founder Lianne Kirkman. Lianne’s dream now is that Esther House becomes just the first step in an even bigger vision to accommodate support for even more people (female and male) to find the space and safety to reboot their lives.

"Whilst being in Esther House I have been able to access a counsellor which has really helped with my mental health and has enabled me to process my thoughts and feelings. I have used the support available to me at helping hands to meet new people. I have completed a course at university, and I am currently Planning what my next steps are for when I leave Esther House"